Long  Vinh Khang Security supplies protecting services for fixed targets such as offices, retail stores, bank, commercial center, showrooms, factories, warehouses, residences, constructing areas and so on. We assure not only safety and security of staffs, customers, equipments, goods and assets but also safety of all business activities of our partners.

For a modern and fully equipped office, , security guards must pay attention to many key locations as the main entrance, hall, office elevator, the floor, surveillance cameras, garage and coordination of in and out actives to ensure security and property.

The overall mission of guard

Protect all legal assets belong to target area or list of properties handed over in signed contract. To ensure that properties are not lost or broken by acts of third parties in area of guarding.

Security guard on objective bound to ensure third parties cannot go inside and cause insecurity, vandalism, threatening to inflict injury or terror and affect to production and business activities of company.

Implement of fire prevention, fire fighting and rescue when fire occurs within the protection objective.

Check areas easily occur fire as electrical systems, lighting equipments and fire protecting equipments in guarding sector and inform to customers about the current status of fire prevention system as degradation or not guarantees, need to be tackled.

Supervise and require staffs and clients to target implement rightly following rules and procedures of that target.

Check privately asset of clients and staffs as if required by partner.

If guard find out thief within protecting area, he must arrest them and immediately notify manager or staff of partner.

Long  Vinh Khang Security, is leading company in supplying guarding service, security advice, is cooperating with many enterprises, privates, companies, officials around Vietnam. To ultimate security in your company, please contact to us following hotline 0915 178 113 (support 24/7) to get more detail information.